Baby, It's Cold Outside

With the first day of October came a nice cold snap around here and a flurry of activites for la famille. We spent several hours running errands. It was nice to spend the day away from the keyboard, edits, manuscripts, dangling participles, etc... I definitely needed a break.

This week Writer Beware Blogs! put up an important post about Bad Publishing Contract Clauses and I highly recommend you read it. It's a sneaky clause that could keep your work bound to the publisher even though you might think the rights to your work have reverted to you at the end of a contract.

Also, this week Joe Konrath talks about Drinking the Kool-Aid or not, depending on which side of the publishing world you inhabit, and a speech made by an agent about e-publishing. Read it.

So, now that I've had a day off writing will resume its regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.