Office Shenanigans Are Distracting

It's been one of those Murphy's Law kind of weeks. Don't you just hate those? So moving on...

I wanted to remind everyone that West Thornhill's free read Grease Paint will only be available for one more day. Go read it. Also, she has a new free read that started this week called Spectral Surprise. Go read that one too.

If you are concerned about plagarism then head over to Writer Beware Blogs! and read this post. Spread the word to stop it.

Author Ally Blue shares some Deep Gay Thoughts over at Fiction With Friction.

As for me, I've been doing a great deal of research and very little writing. I expect that will flip flop next week. More writing less searching. Especially now that a great deal of office shenanigans have been dealt with. No more pesky distractions. There is something incredibly satisfying about shredding documents.