Is There Something Gay in the Air?

I had a fun day. Went to Godfrey's in Richmond for the Sunday Drag Brunch. Had great food and entertainment. Got to spend the day with Amanda Corlies and West Thornhill. We celebrated Amanda's birthday Drag Queen style!

Arriving home I was greeted by my kids who were all about telling me that Zachary Quinto confirmed his sexual preference. My kids were mightily impressed by his "boss" style of making it a low key confirmation. It wasn't a surprise to me or my kids, but it causes me to stop and think about how the LGBTQ community constantly has to confirm something that is so natural. How many straight people have to confirm their choice?

On another note, over at is a fab bit about gay male porn with a quote from James Buchanan. Go read it. The article reiterates what a lot of us in this industry, writing gay male erotica or romance, talk about a lot. Which is the power play dynamics that are much more fascinating than hetero pairings.