Something Stunning

I found myself doing several odd things today. This is a signal that my mind is shifting gears. It's a good thing. I cleaned up my writing files. I backed up stuff, again. I loaded several WIP's on the iPad. I reorganized my production schedule to make it manageable through the holidays. I've only got three things to finish before the end of the year. Go me!

Next year's schedule is looking a bit scary. So, I put it aside until after Thanksgiving. I need to stay focused on the end of this year. On the one hand it's nice to know ahead of time what I need to work on, yet on the other hand there is the possible stagnation factor of being too well planned out. I like to leave some room to come up with new ideas while I complete the works that need completing.

Of course the issue with new ideas is that I have a lot of them. Including a film that needs to be worked on. So, on the subjects of film. Check out this incredible short by Spike Jonze and Olympia Le-Tan. Stunning.


Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi on