All Hallow's Read

Somehow I managed to not blog since Monday. What have I been doing with all my time? Reading and writing, pretty much.

So, today I wake up and we are encountering some freakish winter weather. What happened to fall? It's freezing outside and I am pretty sure we just had some icey rain stuff happen. I am sure people are going to go crazy and buy out all the milk at the supermarket. As a west coast transplant I often find the threat of winter weather an amazing motivator for people around here to buy up all the milk and bread. Last winter the funniest thing, at least to me, was when all the bananas were gone. Really? Bananas? Thought I. How odd, why bananas? Of course it's now a running joke a Chez Andi that we must go buy bananas whenever wintery mix weather is in the forecast.

So, it's a good day to take advantage of reading. Go free read over at West Thornhill's blog, her new story Spectral Surprise is really fun! And get in the spirit of All Hallow's Read and give someone else a lovely spooky story for Halloween!

 Okay, I gotta go buy some bananas now. Buh Bye!