Sticky Hands and Spooky Stories

It is still ridiculously cold here. The PA has gone off with friends to the woods to watch scary movies outdoors. I think they are nuts and will freeze all their bits off.

So in keeping with the scary weekend theme of Halloween I send you over to The Mary Sue where they report that Alice Cooper will be making an appearance as himself in the new Dark Shadows movies. Sounds freaktastic!

And my grown up goth brothers and sisters we've been tracked and it turns out were pretty happy adults. Check out LiveScience for more on that. (via Whatever)

Have you gone out and bought spooky books for the people you love for All Hallow's Read? No? Yes? What the heck are you waiting for? Recommendations?

Okay, fine...


If you are looking for M/M books for All Hallow's then I suggest:

Any of the Psycop books by Jordan Castillo Price

Well, my work is done. Must go back to writing and getting the glue off my hands. Yes, glue. Don't ask.