Musings and Other Stuff

October is rushing right along and I find myself pulled along with it. At dinner tonight la famille discussed Thanksgiving dinner-- we're like that planning this meal way ahead of time. Of course that conversation turned to where we will place the xxxmas tree this year. We're in a new house and will have to configure furniture accordingly. All of this planning got me looking at my calendar and looking ahead at what needs to be finished, edited, sent off, formatted, and so on. It's a lot and I don't see things slowing down. That said I am happy that I work for myself and can adjust my schedule any which way I want.

For the time being all projects are on hold save one. All of my attention is focused on one deadline at the moment. So, other than a few reading breaks here and there I am busy with one story. I will update progress on everything else soon.

In the world of publishing, e-publishing in particular, there have been several interesting bits about the interwebs. Over at Dear Author there was an interesting discussion about the .99 price point for e-books. Joe Konrath has a post up about the nonsense people love to spout about e-publishing/self-publishing. And Barry Eisler talks about establishmentarianism.

Over at Teach Me Tonight there was an interesting bit about homophobia in mainstream romance. I don't know a lot about mainstream romance, but the authors and books I tend to gravitate towards always have some homo-eroticism to them. I don't know if it's because I come from the sci-fi/fantasy background and was pulled to the paranormal romance market out of my geekness or if I just seek works that have a more open attitude. Anyway, it's something to ponder.

Oh, and National Coming Out Day is in one week. Or if you're feeling particularly festive you can celebrate National Coming Out Week Oct. 9th - 15th. We even have our own celebration here in this conservative whacko city I live in. Yay us!