Geeks, Free Reads, LGBT, and WTF

So, I've found yet another Con that I'd like to go to... at some point in the future GeekGirlCon. Looks really cool, will lots of cool people, all doing cool things.

Barnes & Noble has pulled 100 DC graphic novel titles from its shelves due to the DC deal with Kindle Fire. More news on that over at Publisher's Weekly. I am not really sure I understand the reasoning other than being miffed that DC didn't make a deal with Nook. Seems a shame to pull all those titles from all those stores. WTF? Profit loss much?

It's LGBT History Month and you can follow along each day at "LGBT History Month celebrates the achievements of 31 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Icons." Check it out.

Over at West Thornhill's blog is the final installment of Grease Paint, the story of Mack and Crypt. It will only be available as a free read until October 15th. So go free read it!