Amanda Corlies Blogs!

Today I was mentioned in the same sentence as Neil Gaiman. Yup, I was. Had a fangirl moment. For those who are unaware I have a serious thing for Neil Himself that goes wayyyy back. I don't talk much about him here coz' honestly I feel sort of stupid about it. Stupid in the sense that I am never sure what to say exactly because it's a long running unrequited obsession on my part. So I pretty much avoid things that cause me to stutter and gush uncontrollably.

So, to read the cause of this confession you only need to click over to Amanda Corlies' Creative Antics blog and see it for yourself. I've patiently been waiting for Ms. Corlies to blog and finally she is. I expect wonderful things over at Creative Antics and probably some juicy free reads at some point. You won't want to miss those. However if she blogs about me it's probably all fabrication and fiction. So just skim over those parts. *lol*