Things You Might Not Know

I've noticed my blog posts have been light-hearted as of late. Mostly because I've been busy and not for lack of staying informed. So on a serious note a pioneer in the LGBTQ publishing community has passed away, Barbara Grier who opened up the amazing Naiad Press in 1973. Read more about Barbara and her life partner Donna at Teach Me Tonight.

Over at Writer Beware Blogs they have made some changes to their site and have a page dedicated to small publishers. They've folded the information on e-publishers into the small press page. It's a good resource. Check it out.

I've been busy preparing a manuscript for publication whilst working on a new novel. In the background I've been doing quite a bit of research on copyright. Which is important stuff to know as well as to know what you might have believed about copyright to be wrong. Go read more about it at SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America).

And now the week comes to an end. Tomorrow morning I'll be having coffee porn with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies. We're trying a new location. What sorts of shenanigans will we get into? Hopefully the kind that involve hot topics of conversation and oogling some cuties.