Yes, Free Reads!

I'll just jump right in and link you up...

Over at Amanda Corlies the next chapter of La Playa Blanca is up. Remember those sexy diver guys? Um, yeah they are at it again.

And then West Thornhill has filled in some more details about Teague and Six in Spectral Surprise. It's like a two for one over there as she's put up a little extra.

Now, if you've got some extra time on your hands and you haven't been following along I highly suggest you get over to Jordan Castillo Price's blog and follow the link that will magically take you to Magic Mansion. This whole free read has been so much fun and it's interactive. There is voting involved. And you get to vote.

As for me I've put Scholar's Rock chapters 1-5 back up. If all goes according to plan Scholar's Rock should be completed by the New Year!

More blog later today... I've a few more things to share.