The One Where I Forgot to Mention a Few Things During the Week

Today has been all about writing. I am now up over the 10k mark. Yay!

There were a few things I meant to link to this week that I put aside in favor of the Protect IP Act and SOPA.

So, I will send you off now to ponder some things about Amazon and Kindle. With anything there are pros and cons. I personally love the Kindle app on my iPad and do the majority of my reading through it. One of the cool features that has been around for a while is the Kindlegraph-- which is really cool technology that allows authors to electronically autograph ebooks for their readers. I've read several authors talk about this cool feature, but m/m fiction author Clare London wrote a rather nice bit about it. Head over to Not Your Usual Suspects for her thoughts and links to several authors who are using Kindlegraph.

Now as I said, there are pros and cons to most everything. Over at Writer Beware Blogs there is important information about Kindle's lending library. I am not in favor of Kindle having a lending library whatsoever. That is what public libraries are for. But, I have suspected for some time that something like this would happen. Some kind of cross between a Netflix slash book club program. Somewhere one could pay a flat monthly fee to read ebooks, yet not buy them outright or own them. Kindle has taken this whole thing to a different level and is loaning books that many authors, publishers, and agents are unaware of.

And before I forget something good. Head over to West Thornhill's blog for Friday's free read Otherworldly Lover. I promise you will enjoy it.

One more linky thing and I am out of here for the night. I really love C. Edwards. Yeah, really love him, even though he's a gay man and I am so not his type. I am sure he won't mind. Anyway, he has this really fantastic web comic called Abel Boddy and every so often he blogs-- I partiuclarly love his clothing updates. Anyway, if you are new to Abel Boddy go here. That there is a link to fill you in on the cast of characters. Then go here if you want to read his blog about how The Gay Uncle Strikes Again.