Simply Stated, Then I Blather On

Yet another reason why I appreciate Alan Moore. He just knows how to say things simply.

 "I thought, well if you do more stories that are aimed at women, you'll get more women reading the comics. It would seem fairly simple and straightforward, but there was a lot of resistance [to the idea]."

Read more on Moore at The Independent.

What? You think that is all I have for today?

Well, it was a busy day at Chez Andi as I had to put on the 'mom hat' and do all sorts of college-y stuff for the PA who is returning to school in January. That took the better part of the morning, which meant I missed Monday morning coffee porn with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies.

Amanda and I went on a drive in the afternoon to one of the local women's college. It was a lovely day for admiring all the fall colors here in the Blue Ridge area.

Now the writing commences.