I Exceeded My Tag Limit For This Post

Thanksgiving is almost here and I spent a good part of my day doing Thanksgiving related things. Like shopping with all the other people shopping for the same items. Thankfully, all of that is done and tomorrow I bake-- yep, the famous apple pie gets baked tomorrow.

Meanwhile, sad news was announced about the passing of author Anne McCaffery who was an amazing storyteller who did much to promote women in the science fiction and fantasy community. The year I was born, 1968, McCaffery was the first woman to win a Hugo Award. She was a pioneer. She will be missed by many.

In other fan girl squee-ing news it's been rumored that someone has joined the cast of The Dark Night Rises (the next Batman film)... oh yes, hold on fan girls and boys... it's rumored to be Ellen Page cast as... Barbara Gordon! Read more about it at The Mary Sue. (Yes, I am squee-ing just typing this!)

In the world of gay fiction if you haven't been reading Jordan Castillo Price's free read Magic Mansion then I highly suggest you go do it now. And you can participate in the shaping of this story by voting someone off the Magic Mansion Reality Show... so, just go check it out and vote!

And on the free read front head over to West Thornhill's blog for an extra special treat of Spectral Surprise. You won't be disappointed.

Now, I need to get back to writing on my own stuff. Because someone out there somewhere is waiting for me to get a move on finishing Scholar's Rock.