Free Read Links

The day before Thanksgiving is always busy at Chez Andi. Mostly because I like to get as much done ahead of time as possible in order to enjoy the guests who come to my home for the holidays. This is la famille's first holiday season in our new house. Well new to us. There are many things I love about this house, but one I do not love is the kitchen. Honestly, I hate it. So, we work in shifts doing pre-Thanksgiving preparations. Otherwise we'd have to stand on top of one another to get things done. It's a major architectural fail of this house. If I ever bought this house it's the first thing I'd gut and redo.

So, since my kitchen shift hasn't begun I thought I'd blog early. There be free reads on the interwebs and no one should miss them. So, head over to Amanda Corlies blog and catch up with the boys in La Playa Blanca-- with a little Thanksgiving thrown in. Also, check in with West Thornhill's Silver Flash-- she's got two new characters that I like a lot and can't wait to see where her twisted imagination takes them. And she links several other Silver author's with free reads. Cherie Noel has up another installment of Fire & Ice-- because you know, sometimes three is not a crowd.