Scarlet, The Black Cat

The last few days have not been as productive with writing as I would have like them to be. Other personal things have been going on. Mainly an ailing pet. I've talked about my dog previously and had been mentally preparing to introduce The Cat Mafia to the blog-- until just a few days ago. The oldest member of The Cat Mafia, our lovely black cat named Scarlet, has suffered a second stroke. After the last one it took her months to recover and we are unsure about her recovery this time.

Below is Scarlet:

As to The Cat Mafia they are definitely in charge of Chez Andi-- including the dog. We all just happily live at their beck and call. Such is the way of cats.

Scarlet was a kitten when we rescued her from a trash bag. Immeadiately upon bringing her home she became gravely ill and we nursed her bitty kitty self back to health. We've only had her for six years and expected she'd live a long healthy life.

I really hope cats have nine lives.