Guy Fawkes and an Extra Hour

It's Guy Fawkes Night-- not that we celebrate it here in the states, but hey I hope those who do have a good time bonfire-ing and fireworking. (safely) We do have an extra hour here in most states tonight as we 'fall back.' Because we need to save some daylight. And whatever shall I do with that extra hour tonight?

Back in the day I spent many a crazed night on 6th Street in Austin, TX celebrating that extra hour with extra shots. Not so much these days. If I don't fall asleep I'll be writing and if I can't write I'll be reading. What I won't be doing is fireworks or bonfires while running around 6th Street downing kamakaze's. Which trust me taste so yummy it's easy to lose track of how many one has had. Which occasionally leads to one losing track of the people one was with. And then leads one to lose track of oneself. Hypothetically speaking, of course. *cough*