No, No, NaNo

I've been very remiss as of late with my own writing. On the other hand I've edited or read for friends nearly everyday in the past week. Which is its own reward. First, because I get to read what the rest of the world hasn't seen yet. And second, I get to learn more about myself whenever I edit for others. It's like that buddhist saying "when you cannot help yourself, help others."

It's Novemeber. It's NaNo. Mostly it's NoNoWriMo for me. Of course it's only the sixth day of the month I still have plenty of time, even to make the 50k. It's not unusual for me to write in a crazy burst of mania and pull a complete novel out of some etherworld somewhere in less than a month. I can't and don't do it often, but it happens. That said most of those stories are ones that have been brewing and marinating in my head and notebooks for some time and have an emotional history with me and my muse. (how's that for a run-on?) So, sitting down and writing them is similar to just taking away the white space on the page rather than filling it up. The story is there and I just need to let everyone else see it.

My intention for NaNo this time was to start with a blank slate and fill it up. So far all that has happened is that the characters in my head have gotten louder and I dream about them. This may be common for some of my writer friends. It is not for me. It's kind of freaked me out. The dreams are so vivid and the conversations wake me up.

For tonight I am putting away the notebooks, closing word, finishing this post, and grabbing my iPad to curl up with. Tomorrow morning I am doing Coffee Porn with West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies. What happens in between that is anybody's guess...