Are the Holidays Overwhelming You Too?

As much as I enjoy the holiday season, I have to say that I get tired just watching other people go about their holiday doings. With Hanukkah only nine days away and  Christmas only two weeks away it seems like everyone is out and about. And not just offline, but online as well. Every site, blog, etc has some kind of holiday shopping tip, list, or special sale. My email is inundated everyday with a bigger discount, better promotion, or BOGO advert. Not to mention free shipping.

Need a new, spectacular way to wrap a gift? Need a unique gift for the person who has everything and doesn't need a damn thing? What to buy that toddler on the other side of the continent? Picky Aunt Gertrude got you stumped?

Good grief. It's so much information.

I am not complaining, not really.

And the reason I am not complaining? Some blogs are doing a fab-tastic job of sharing lists of gift ideas that give back. Gifts available at charities that give to a cause and provide a unique gift to some loved one the gift giver cares about. It's a two for one deal. I've seen a lot of really amazing handmade items that are truly unique.

You thought I was going to link some of these things? I am not. I am sure you are overwhelmed too.