When You Least Expect It

I don't know if days are shorter or if I am busier, but time keeps flying by. It's hard to believe it's almost mid-December.

Today was another busy, and odd, day at Chez Andi. Paperwork, busy work, quick edits, notes, and organazing filled up the morning. An afternoon meeting was followed by the discovery of a lost dog in my backyard. He very cutely tumbled out of a mass of bushes with his leash attached to a collar.

We still haven't located the owners of this sweet little guy. He had no tags. We drove around our neighborhood and asked if anyone recognized him. No luck there either. So, we took him to our vet and they scanned him for a micro-chip. Nope, no micro-chip. By dinner time I had called the Humane Society, Animal Control, put up a pic on facebook and craigslist. Now we wait.

The cat mafia are none too impressed by the new guy. As far as they are concerned we already have one these things. Why get another one? My dog, Willow, is none too impressed by the fact that I won't let her in the same room with him. Ah, animal politics. Tricky business. For now, the dog with no name is content and crashed out. Maybe tomorrow his owners will contact us. Next step is flyers I suppose. Oh, and a bath.

Of course, I am trying hard not to get attached to the little cutie. We've temporarily named him Xander. Not sure if it will stick or if he'll stay with us. I hate to think of some poor kid at home crying over their lost pet.