The One Where I am All Over the Place

I think this blog is going to be all over the place this evening. So, I apologize up front. I'll try to tie it all together.

First, a bit about my blogging style. It's pretty much on the fly. The most planning I do is to save links to interesting stuff throughout the day. I sort them sometime early evening and see if I've got a thread of things which relate, sometimes not. Like tonight. Often I surprise myself by actually tying things together that at first glance seem unrelated.

Now, on to all the link-y things.

Let's talk about Canada. I really like Canada. I've not been to most of it, but the bits I've been to are great fun. Canadians are really cool too. Something ultra cool they are doing in Canada is Read an eBook week. But, here's the ultra cool part, they are upping the ante and calling for Read an eBook month. So, the entire month of March will be National Read an eBook month!

Here's a quote from the Canadian House:

That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize that the ePublishing industry has created economic opportunities for entrepreneurs, authors, publishers and e-reader manufacturers; (b) recognize that e-books present significant benefits for seniors and children; (c) recognize that e-books are an environmentally-friendly alternative to books; (d) declare the month of March as “Read an E-book Month”; (e) support the goals and ideals of “Read an E-book Month”; and (f) encourage Canadians to observe “Read an E-book Month”.

Yeah, that's cool.

So, what about those Australians? They are pretty cool too. One Australian in particular, has captured the adoration of the M/M Romance community. The person is, Andrej Pejic, he's a model who often is seen on the runway of Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. And today he made news for gender-bending by modeling a bra. Here's the bra ha ha. (And by the way, this is an advert for a Dutch retailer).

Now, back to my fellow Americans.

Over at Seth Godin's blog he talks about the internet being "the engine of connection." What I took away from his short, but insightful post is that e-publishing will be the rule not the exception.

At The Passive Voice, suspense writer James Scott Bell, talks about why he is self publishing. His thoughts are in response to author, Eden Lepucki's article at The Millions, Reasons Not to Self-Publish in 2011-2012: A List. Bell's full response can be found at The Kill Zone. As for me, I've said from the beginning that I am trying a combination of e-publishing and traditional publishing. I don't really understand the 'have nots' who will not even consider e-publishing. And I call them 'have nots' because they have not tried it. Therefor they seem to crow the loudest against it. I agree with Bell-- it's not an either/or situation. Common business sense says diversify and take risks. Why rail against what is obviously working?


Anyway, on to something to distract and entertain. Over at Jordan Castillo Price dot com is the newest chapters of Magic Mansion. It's a free read, with interactive voting. Go read. Go vote.

Before you rush off to read. I don't think I tied this one together too well. See, sometimes it doesn't work.