A Dog, A Book Cover, and Free Read Links

With the holiday weekend fast approaching I find myself doing all those last minute things that one promises the previous year to get done ahead of time. Yet again, here I am still shopping, wrapping, and exhausting myself with every little detail.

This week has been interestingly different. I've had a house guest. A cute furry one, Cinco the diva dog, who belongs to Amanda Corlies-- or maybe Amanda belongs to Cinco. At least, I am pretty sure that is how Ms. Cinco sees things. Here is the diva:

This picture was taken by the talented Lisa Picher.

Along with Cinco, I've had West Thornhill's son, Spawn, over to visit for a few hours. Spawn and Chibi had a good time running around the house with Nerf guns. Rage showed Spawn one of his favorite Xbox games and within moments Spawn was a pro. The PA, as always, keeps everything at Chez Andi running like clockwork. Even with extra animals and children involved. The PA is truly amazing.

With my busy schedule I've fallen a bit behind in sharing some links. So, on to link-y things. Over at West Thornhill's blog is the big reveal of her new book cover, Transcend. We are very excited around here for West! And because I want to be sure everyone sees it, here it is:

The cover art is by the talented Reese Dante.

And yes, there are FREE READS out there. So, for more hot diver action head over to Amanda Corlies, La Playa Blanca. And for something new, check out West Thornhill's Silver Flash-- which also includes links to other Silver Publishing authors with FREE READS. And be sure to check out Jordan Castillo Price's Magic Mansion.