Thanks for the Great Day

I have been on the go most of the day. Amanda Corlies, West Thornhill, and I drove to meet up with Amanda Young. We had a fun afternoon with amusing conversation. I am really thankful to live within such close proximity of other authors who write gay fiction. I must say, it had been way too long since all four of us had been able to get together and I was sad to see the afternoon come to an end. There is something about talking together in person that is so much more satisfying than emails, tweets, facebook messages, or even phone calls.

Thanks ladies for such a great afternoon!

So, arriving home-- my fantabulous kids had dinner ready. We had a great family conversation and decided we didn't want the evening to come to an end. I spent the evening running around the city with my kids. Who really aren't kids any longer. Although, we played with a lot of toys in the toy aisles at one of the big box stores.

Thanks kids for such a great evening!