Musings on Milestones and Inspiration

A few days ago was the six month anniversary of this blog. I've made over 150 posts. This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am really amazed. This is not my first attempt at blogging. So, what is different this time?

I've been thinking about that question for a few days. The number one answer that comes to mind is that I really love doing this at this point in my life. This website, domain name, and blog was something I started for me. To keep track of my journey as I enter the world of published authors. That said, it's not a one dimensional blog only about publishing. I have tried to share a little bit about what goes on in my life, what I am researching, thinking about, and experiencing. All of which makes up the voices of my characters. Which got me to thinking about the writing process and what a slippery fabric it is. A fabric that sometimes cocoons the writer and other times is difficult to grasp.

I was emailed this fabulous video of Ira Glass (host of This American Life on NPR), talking about 'the creative process.'

As I said, this is not my first attempt at blogging. I failed numerous times to get previous blogs off the ground. Like, Mr. Glass says "your taste is killer" and I had killer taste in blogs. I've read some of the best for many years now. I knew what was good. And each time I attempted this in the past, I felt as though I kept falling short of my own expectations.

Part of what has changed for me is that I am far more settled in my life and have a clear direction for what I am doing. I am far less concerned about reinventing the wheel or impressing anyone with my witty repartee than I was in the past. This time around, I am blogging for the joy of it. It comes easily most days. On the days that it doesn't come easily I keep the posts short and simple. On the days when I am overwhelmed I pass on blogging.

I set up a few simple rules for myself when I started this adventure. I've managed to stick to them. Along the way, I've also managed to grab the attention of a readership. So, for those of you who visit regularly THANK YOU. I know you are there, my stats tell me you are. Occasionally, I receive an email or two. Once in a while a comment. To my friends who stalk me ... thank you, thank you.

**Dear Future Me,

I hope that you have acheived all/some/most of the goals you set for yourself. If you are still working on them I hope very much you continue to be persistant. This is a work in progress, ever changing, and unfolding before you.