(Mostly) For my Straight Friends

I think it's time I come clean and send up some warning flags (giant rainbow ones). Those of you who've known me longest or anyone who has spent enough time with me will not be surprised by the content of this blog. On the other hand, some of you might be quirking an eyebrow. Having lived an alternative lifestyle, being a gender studies scholar, and most importantly the parent of a gay child my life has collided into this moment. I've spent the last twelve months or so re-evaluating my grad studies and what direction I want to continue. And here it is -- combining my gender studies with LGBTQ fiction.

The main goal of this blog is to chronicle my journey in writing and publishing, specifically LGBTQ fiction. Right now the focus is Male/Male Romance. So, be warned I will talk about sex in this blog -- gay man on man sex between men with all their man bits. I might even post a picture or two for inspiration. I've never been known for my modesty, so really this shouldn't be a big surprise. If this makes you uncomfortable, I understand, and it's okay. You can be supportive without following along for every detail. 

I know some of you already read M/M Romance. I know many of you haven't. So, let's do away with some misconceptions. I am not writing porn-- though I joke about it. All joking aside M/M Romance is not porn (it's steamy sexy). It can be erotic, graphic, and explicit but, at it's core it is romance. This sub-genre has story arc, well thought out characters, drama, tension, humor, and a happily ever after or happy for now. These are Zipper Rippers-- the male/male equivalent of Bodice Rippers.
Here are some reading suggestions for those new to M/M Romance. For those of you who had that OMG moment while watching Brokeback Mountain I warn you now all of these books include explicit man on man sex scenes:

This noir styled mystery series follows Adrien English as he gets caught up in some interesting situations. The story arc is well thought out, the characters are lovable, and people fall in love-- they just happen to be men. This series is the kind you want to read again and again. 

The PsyCop Series by Jordan Castillo Price

This is a paranormal series in a contemporary setting where some people have known psychic abilities. Victor Bayne is a PsyCop and can talk to the deceased. He helps solve murders. Great story arc, well developed characters, drama, tension, humor, and men fall in love with men. This series is addictive and will keep you from doing anything else, even sleeping.

Sno Ho and Life in Fusion by Ethan Day

These two stories are about Boone Daniels and his crazy, wacky journey beginning with being rudely dumped and eventually falling in love-- yes, with a man. Once again great story arc, developed characters, and a host of minor characters that you wish lived on your street. Ethan's books are like Bridget Jones except Bridget is a man and in this case his name is Boone. Serious laugh out loud funny. .

Calm down all you manlovin' book whores. I didn't forget anybody, I just didn't put them on this list. I know there are several other choices out there. This is just a sample of the yummy goodness available. A little mystery, paranormal, and comedy. 

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If you want to be supportive then join The Trevor Project or It Gets Better or Marriage Equality.