Writerly Life No. 2

Last night I managed another 1163 words on the WIP. The short story was set aside as the novel was clawing at my head to get out. I didn't think I would like switching between projects but, it seems to be working fine. Sort of like watching different tv programs or movies on different nights. And if I am a very good girl and write everyday that short story should be making it's debut here soon. The beta readers are already clamoring for more, so I'll take that as a good sign.

Meanwhile my own reading for enjoyment has taken a backseat to my writing. Writers at their core are all voracious readers. We write because we have to and we write what we want to read -- which is incredibly satisfying when things come together. On the other hand, I really miss reading other people's work. Today I gave myself a break from writing and spent the better part of my afternoon reading Josh Lanyon's new book Come Unto These Yellow Sands. I could not put it down. I emailed Josh as soon as I finished it to tell him how much I loved it. He got right back to me within minutes of me emailing him. Josh is one of the author's in the mm romance genre that I deeply admire and am grateful for his kindness to me. I am really happy for his success and I wish him much more. Go read his books. They are intelligent, engaging, and a joy to cozy up with. (just have some tissues handy).

I have more news to share tomorrow. For now I need to get back to writing. Things are a brewing for my boys. Time to give them some TLC.