Slow Days, they happen

392 words.

It's been a slow day for writing. I did a lot of editing and other mundane/ordinary tasks like taking a kid to the doctor. Just a regular check up but, it still ate up a good portion of my afternoon.

Fellow mm romance writer Amanda Corlies stopped by early this evening with her lovely blue heeler, Cinco. So, our dogs had a play date. We talked publishing for a bit. Then I put my mad beauty school drop out skillz to work and gave Ms. Corlies a haircut.

Yep folks, this is the life of a writer. At least this writer.

The other excitement in my life has been the joining of a writer's group. The group consists of  several published author's and one with a contract to be published. All are erotica or mm romance. I am thrilled and feel really at home with them. They've taken me in and I am incredibly thankful for their support. I feel like another piece of the puzzle that is my life has fallen into place.

That rainbow of goodness just keeps sprinkling glitter on my life. I am going to keep dancing under it as long as I can.