WIP, Coffee Dates, and Inspiration

1103 words

What started out as a less than stellar day for writing ended up producing a lovely scene for the WIP. I don't know if it will make the final cut but, it will make a nice bonus read after the WIP is published if it doesn't.

This day was a roller coaster. I woke up feeling doubtful that I was going to accomplish much of anything. After wasting way too much time surfing the web I ended up listening to a podcast by Jordan Castillo Price at Packing Heat. Jordan is no longer podcasting but, all of her episodes are still available. I started with the first one. I figured I would better serve time by listening to some writing wisdom than feeling sorry for my lack of mojo. I have to say that podcast pulled me out of my funk and I went straight to my writing group writing challenge.

Writing challenge tackled.

I then rode my roller coaster of woe yet again as I battled mundane and annoying office tasks. Most of which left me frustrated.

Office tasks tackled.

My roller coaster became fun again and I hooked up online with erotic author Amanda Young. It turns out we live about an hour away from one another. Amanda Corlies and I have been trying to round up all the erotica writers in our area and get a group together. Our efforts are finally bringing all of us together. I couldn't be more thrilled. So, in four short days we are all meeting up for coffee and what is sure to be a good time. I am really hoping West Thornhill will join us too.

Coffee date with authors tackled.

Following all of that there was a mad dash to get dinner in a bizarre summer downpour that soaked us to the bone.

All in all what began as a less than stellar day turned out to be quite productive. I never know where I will find inspiration. I am just grateful that I did find it or it found me.

PS~ Thanks Jordan for the lovely email and encouragement. :-)