June, Sugar, and Gay Pride!

It's June and thus begins the month of me but, you can participate too! 

Here's the deal, my birthday is this month and I am going to take advantage of it. (Mark your calenders for June 27th. Go on!) A good friend of mine and fellow blogger, zooleft, put it this way:

I decreed it time to be selfish and take an entire month to celebrate my birth. After forty years, we all deserve much more than just one lousy day. I say live it up while we still have our health.

I will be living it up this month. And not just for my birthday.

June is Gay Pride Month and National Candy Month. I'll be attending Capital Pride in DC this year, which officially kicked off today and lasts ten fabulous days! I am guessing candy will be involved throughout the month as well. Who wouldn't want to parade around with a mouthful of sugar wearing a shirt that says "can I vote on your marriage now?"

Now, for some history. I was born in 1968 which, as it turned out was a crazy time. Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated. Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol. And Elvis taped his comeback special. At the theater people were enjoying these classics:



  • Philip K. Dick's book Do Androids dream of Sheep was published. 
  • Hey Jude by The Beatles was the highest charted single of the year.
  • Hair was on Broadway

Those are just some highlights. Throughout the month I'll share my own highlights as well. And yes, I will keep on track with the writing, publishing, manlovin' romance, and shenanigans!