I Pooped On Paper Last Night

Okay, so I didn't really poop on paper last night. What I did do was let all of the random bits regarding my WIP spill out of my head into a word.docx. 

What's happening with that WIP, Andi?

I am just over 30,000 words into the novel. I am at a point in the writing and research that I need to outline. Certain arcs have to happen at particular points in the story for everything to fall into place and for the story to move forward. There is a lot of back story that won't make it into the final WIP but, it's important for me to know it. The back story affects the pacing. It's a great deal of information for an imaginary world. The thing is if a writer does it well the reader will fall in love with the characters and lose themselves in the imaginary world. 

I know where things begin and I know how they end. The in between is unfolding-- some minor characters have surprised me! My main characters continue to grow and demand more out of me. I know what is creating tension and what obstacles have to be overcome. How will my emotionally arrested protagonist accept and process the secrets/lies of my hero? 

So, I've been carrying the outline around in my head for a while. I've struggled with putting it together in an organized way. Outlining is not something that comes easily to me and I have to remind myself that this is a work in progress, things can and will change. I enjoy the organic process of letting a story take it's own shape but, this is the first book in a series. I need to know where my characters are going. It's difficult arrive at a destination without a map. 

Hence the pooping on paper. I was stumped staring at a blank page. Then I was staring at one sentence. Then I was avoiding the whole thing. Finally, I went back and just started typing. I didn't stop and think I just let all of the  words pour out. It's not an outline yet, it's more akin to verbal vomit. It's rather messy and stream of consciousness. On the upside, it cleared some space in my brain. Now I can play with the words on paper while my head fills with more ideas. Win/Win.

Now, I have to go figure out what to wear, do something fabulous with my hair, and get that music play list downloaded to the iPad. Tonight is the first night our local writer's group is meeting. I can't wait to see what sort of shenanigans Amanda Corlies, Amanda Young, West Thornhill, and I will get up to. And, just maybe you'll be regaled with the events tomorrow. As I don't plan on being home early. ;-O