Self Employment is a Bossy Bitch

Today found me with a long list of to do's. Mostly, the mundane office/administrative kind. The other was and still is research. I am pushing my own knowledge and learning quite a lot about firearms. It's been interesting. Also, I am listening to Serbian radio. I have no idea what they are talking about but, it helps with the WIP.

My inner boss has been keeping me busy all day.

Between all of this office/research business I've managed about 1k words. Not too bad. And as soon as I finish the blog post I'll be back to writing. The inner boss says keep working. So I do.

I have a ton of e-pubbing news to sift through and share. For some reason today was full of news on e-publishing, self-publishing, and romance publishing. I had to put all of it aside for tomorrow morning. If you are itching to read some of it for yourself I direct you to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Coffee with the girls on Monday night was great fun! West Thornhill, Amanda Young, Amanda Corlies, and I had lots of laughs. We'll be getting together again next month and I can't wait. 

Cross your fingers and toes for NY and gay marriage! The bill is still up in air.

And with that I am off like a prom dress!