Priceless Friends and Publishing News

It seems weird to talk about J.K. Rowling in this blog but, I'll just quickly note that her announcement to self publish the Harry Potter books in e-format has the self-publishing world a buzz. I won't even speculate on what it means or how it might affect the self-publishing industry. I just wanted to note that it is another event in a series of events in e-publishing that is helping change the market.

Since that news has overshadowed all the other e-publishing news I want to mention a few highlights in small press e-publishing that might have been missed. Over at Fast Company there is an article about Carina Press an imprint of Harlequin that specializes in e-books. Media Shift at also has an interesting piece about literary agents taking on roles as self publishing consultants check it out here. And if you want more on the hub bub about Rowling's announcement I direct you to Joe Konrath.

As for lil' ole me, I am slowly making progress on the WIP. After struggling today with the plot and where to make what happen and when-- I gave up frustrated. I decided that it would be best to get out of the house, away from the computer, and have coffee. I dashed out grabbed coffee for me and Amanda Corlies. Then I complained to her for over two hours about my frustration. Poor girl! 

It's nice to have writer friends nearby to help fluff the ego when you are throwing your own pity party. After reminding her several times it was my pity party and I could keep complaining she listened patiently and laughed at me. Because really I am being foolish. I am nearly half way done with this novel and I am having a mid-novel crisis. Not unheard of.

And just to prove what a fantastic human being Amanda is I share a quote from an email that just arrived as I type this blog post "I love you, chica, for a multitude of reasons, despite the fact that you are a pain in the ass, according to you. I don't see it that way, but whatev!"

Yep, friends are priceless. Priceless.