The Late Show

It wasn't my intention to become a late night blogger. Though in retrospect it works. Mainly because I am really not a morning person. I am just too groggy and sleep stupid in the morning to have anything useful to say other than "need coffee."

So, here I am, it's around 11pm east coast time, blogging. I've managed to blog everyday for 26 days straight. I am mightily impressed by that. I've also managed to write everyday for the past 26 days-- either on the WIP or a short story.

I didn't set up a lot of goals when I began this journey. I started with reading A LOT in the mm romance genre. Then I began talking with people about the possibilities of writing in the genre. After some soul searching I started to imagine what it would be like to commit myself to writing full time. I'd like to say I had a grand plan for all of this but, I really didn't. Things just started to fall into place. Or as I like to say a rainbow of goodness opened up and poured glitter all over me.

So many opportunities in my life have happened that way. I ended up working in the music industry because I loved music, I became a business owner because I got tired of making money for other people, I went back to college because I needed to do it for myself, I started making documentary films because I felt compelled to tell people's stories, and now I am compelled to focus on writing fiction full time.  I've always written stuff-- poetry, fantasy, erotica, non-fiction, etc.  I think I always go back to writing because I really have a desire to try so many things. As a writer I can vicariously explore all of my interests through my characters.

As things continue to fall into place I am grateful that I can do this full time. As wonderful new people come into my life I am thankful that they are so welcoming to me. As I reach closer to finishing my current WIP I am awed at the enormity of the task I set myself to. It is a heady journey I am taking. Full of wonder and occasional doubts. It's thrilling and frightening.

So, for now I will continue to do The Late Show blogging. It just seems to be when my mind is settled enough to share what is going on. Thank you for tuning in.