My Birthday Kick Off

Finally a breakthrough on the outline for the WIP! I had a brainstorm early this morning and the end result is three pages of glorious outline! I was so happy I printed it out and stared at it for a while. Then I took it to Amanda Corlies house this evening to show her, like a proud mama!

Tonight was the kick-off to my official birthday celebration. In a little over an hour I will be another year older. Reminiscing over the past twelve months I like to think I've grown a little bit wiser as well. This past year included some wacky events even I couldn't have conjured up for a story. I am glad it is all behind me and mine now.

To celebrate my birthday we danced in the rain to my beloved Scissor Sisters. So, go and dance. Here's a little kickline from the band for inspiration:

Ironically, just as I am wrapping this up I got a Happy Birthday email from Scissor Sisters! Gawd, I love you guys! Thanks! (I know, I know it's one of those generated emails from their website-- but, let me have my freakin' fan girl moment!)


Hope you have a fantastic day.

Thanks for all your continued support.

Scissor Sisters HQ xx

I will be having a fantastic day!