Breakfast, Coffee, Dinner, News

Today was the birthday. Mostly it was low key. I woke up with a new short story idea and sketched that out. Reviewed my progress on the WIP. Went to breakfast with one of my kids. Went to coffee with Amanda Corlies. Went to dinner with my other kids and Amanda.

It was a lovely day. I mostly took the day off from writing anything seriously. I just dabbled with ideas.

Tomorrow I go back to writing full time. I am trying something new tomorrow with the writing. I am hoping it goes well. It's a personal challenge and if it works out I will share it here. For now I am just going to keep it under my hat.

In other news, of the publishing kind, Joe Konrath talks about what he calls "estributors" here. It's useful information for writers who are not interested in the administrative end of publishing. Everyone in publishing is learning to shift and grow. Also, Bob Mayer at Write It Forward talks about Harlequin at his blog. And finally, more news on J.K. Rowling's Pottermore because it is such big news.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. It was happy! And now I am going to go read a birthday present I bought for myself: Natural Instincts by S.J. Frost