Jordan Castillo Price and Productivity

2330 words.

It's been a productive day. Taking time off yesterday helped. I started a new short story today, the one I sketched out yesterday. The nice thing about this story is that it plays like a linear movie in my head. With the WIP I am editing dailies together. And the dailies don't necessarily come in linear order.

I've mostly kept my nose to the grindstone today. I have a deadline looming so, I closed my tweetdeck, stayed away from facebook, and email. Trying something new with my writing seems to be working.

I did get to do something else new and different today. One of my favorite authors, Jordan Castillo Price, asked me to test her new book Zero Hour on my iPad. I tested two formats for her. It was very exciting and I was honored that she asked me. Not to mention that I got to see the changes and new graphics before it goes on sale this Thursday, June 30th. All I can say is that if you've already read the original draft you are definitely going to want to buy this new version. Holy Cow! And if you haven't read the original you should definitely buy yourself a copy of the book on Thursday. It's JCP doing what she does best-- weaving alternate worlds, keeping us on edge, and hot sexy guys! (I highly recommend the epub version. The graphics are high quality and it looks great on the iPad.)

And now back to the grindstone. Edits are calling me.