Put Out or Shut Up

The fantasy: my brain and typing speed collide into a beautiful explosion of words and images.

The reality: no words today.

I am not worried. Okay, I was worried but, right now it's all good. In the past twenty four hours I have done a ton of administrative stuff. Fantasy: Maybe one day I'll be able to entice someone to be my PA. For now, I am a one person industry-- aside from my beta readers and my oldest daughter who saves me from face planting on my desk quite often.

I won't bore everyone with the administrative stuff other than to say I have my own domain now!

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the "fake it till you make it" theory. Not that I am fake, au contraire. It's about believing  that what you want to happen is already happening. It's living in the future moment. That is where I live when I am not writing.

Today was a good day. I didn't work on my novel. I made new friends on Twitter and was fortunate enough to be online at the same time as some of my favorite MM romance authors. I lurked in the shadows a bit while they discussed the publishing industry. I was even asked to join in the conversation at one point. I have to say I have never met so many people in an industry such as this that are as supportive and helpful. Thank you Josh Lanyon, Dakota Flint, KA Mitchell, and Tamara Allen. Also, I have to thank Jordan Castillo Price who has been generous as well.

The pressure is on. It's time to put out or shut up. As much as I like my little hidey-hole where I write and share with my friends I have to start sharing with everyone else. Yes, I am nervous. Even though this won't be the first time my work will be viewed by the public -- every new project evokes a bit of panic at the thought of birthing it to the world.

In  the meantime, I am still celebrating the month of me. Today's installment is dancing around the office to Scissor Sisters. Go do it. You'll feel better, I promise!