Month of me... continues

Today has been all about me. Today I registered to attend GayRomLit in New Orleans in October. My dear friend and writing colleague A. Corlies insisted that it be a birthday present for me. She gives the best birthday presents! I heart her.

After registering for fun in The Big Easy, we picked up our brand spankin' new copies of Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton. Then we had a yummy breakfast and talked about the publishing industry.

Next on my to-do-list-of-me was getting another tattoo. Which I did. It's on the pulse point of my right wrist. It's a very personal tattoo, as most are. For me it is a commitment I made to myself years ago. It also has special significance to the book I am currently writing. This was my birthday present to myself. And my birthday is still 20 days away. Who knows what else I might do?

And now I am off to read LKH's new book. The twentieth in the Anita Blake series. Let's hope there is some serious fun going down with Jean Claude, Asher, Nathaniel, Mikah, Jason, Wicked and Truth.