Teaser Brought to You by My Mojo

I seem to be running on some strange mojo today. My writing is in fits and starts. My head is so full at the moment --I can't get things out at the same speed. Gotta love that creative process. Anywho, I've decided to go ahead and give everyone a lil' peek at the work in progress aka WIP.

Our protaganist is Jackson, a documentary filmmaker. I am writing in first person, which I debated for a while, but it works well for me. This is a scene takes place at a film festival where Jackson's documentary is being premiered. He is with his friends, who are also his partners in a film production company.


We opened the hotel room door to a blast of RuPaul’s Glamazon. Cary and Tally were barely dressed and dancing on the bed. Cary in his boxer briefs and a t-shirt that said I can do all those things your boyfriend can’t. Tally was in her underwear and a t-shirt that said your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice. Travis had recently launched a t-shirt design company. He had been collecting quotes from our exploits over the years and decided to put them in print for others to wear. Apparently, Travis was filming a promo video for the website. While Connor, ever the voyeur, leaned against a wall in the background of the shot.

Will, seeing an opportunity to put his talented hands to use, removed his jacket, tossed it at my head, kicked off his shoes, and jumped up on the bed. Will and Cary sandwiched Tally between them and got down to some dirty dancing. Tally facing Will, Cary chest to back with Tally, and together they began pulling Will’s shirt off. A slow reveal of Will’s milk chocolate sculpted torso began. Hands were everywhere. I had to sit down before I crawled up on the bed and stripped myself. Cary with his pale boyishly lean frame, Tally’s loose auburn curls cascading around her head, and Will pulling them closer as his hands slipped around Cary’s back. They played to the camera for a few minutes and then collapsed in a heap as the song ended.

“People would pay good money to watch that threesome,” Connor said. He shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

Cary turned a lazy look at Connor. “Honey, I would give it to you for free if you would take her place,” he winked and poked Tally in the side. “Girls have cooties!”

And there was it was -- the elephant in the room -- Cary’s unrequited desire for a straight man. After all these years Cary still held out hope.

Connor and Tally had dated for a brief time in college and after breaking up he continued to be part of our entourage. I couldn’t figure out why Connor wanted to hang out with a bunch of homos but, I was eternally grateful that he stuck around. The man was a business genius. He kept all of our productions on budget and schedule. He knew where to find purse strings to pull when we needed more money or equipment. I’d trade two queers for one Connor any day.

I could see the appeal for Cary. Besides the brains, Connor was rakishly handsome in that rough way and beyond buff. Shoulder length, straight blond surfer hair, and cheerful blue eyes. He had some sexy scars, from adrenaline sports, that added to his California beach boy appeal. His hands were large and toughened from all of his outdoor activities. Connor was all contrasts to Cary’s pale skin, dark hair, and lost boy looks. They would look good together. I was a hopeless romantic and secretly rooted for Cary.

“Okay boys, time to style the man of the night,” Tally said startling me out of my fantasy of Connor and Cary.

Travis cued up The White Stripes as he put the camera equipment away. Cary pillaged through my clothes. Connor ordered champagne from room service. Will leaned up against the headboard and patted the bed for me to sit next to him while the worker bees buzzed around the room. We watched the proceedings as I snuggled into Will’s arms, he smelled spicy and faintly of something coconut. Will raked his fingers through my hair.

Frequently my life is like a movie that I am watching where I am not participating in first person. It’s like an out of body experience where I identify with myself but, I am on the outside looking in. This was one of those surreal moments where I was dressed, styled, and toasted with champagne. My body went through the motions and I observed. My friends made sure I wasn’t left alone. No time to think about Ian. No time to play the scene over and over in my head where I smack him, or throw a drink in his face, or have him physically removed by security from the film premiere.

A little while later we gathered in the hotel lobby. Everyone appropriately dressed. Standing together in our designer labels we could have made an excellent editorial spread. I wondered if we looked shallow. We were no longer the young and reckless twenty-something’s. We were in our thirties now and had seasoned, at least for most public appearances. I still maintained my bad boy edge with messy faux-hawk hair and a bit of stubble on my chin. I was wearing a pair of black skinny dress pants that showed I leaned to the left, a black leather belt with a large buckle that featured an image of the virgin of Guadalupe, a white dress shirt, with my black Armani suit jacket. The white cuffs of my shirt poked out in contrast with all the black and I had on. Tally had given me a new pair of cuff links that were mini roulette wheels. I agreed to the black silk tie but, refused the dress shoes and opted for my black Converse.

Tally was taking pictures with her iPhone. Connor had his hair pulled back in a ponytail and was in his charcoal grey Prada suit, white dress shirt, and red silk tie. Cary, looking freshly fucked, was shrouded in black wearing an up-and-coming designer suit with satin lapels. Travis was in his vintage red and black plaid double breasted blazer, white shirt, bow tie, jeans, dress shoes, and nerd glasses. Will, with his well-kept afro, departed from the suit theme and was wearing black dress pants, a grey t-shirt, a tight fitting black leather motorcycle jacket, and black dress boots. I managed to keep my tongue in my mouth as I gave Will a good cruising with my eyes. Will and I never worked as a couple, but the sex was mind-blowing.

After snapping various photos of us Travis confiscated Tally’s iPhone and nudged her over to me. I wrapped an arm around her waist and we smiled for the camera. Tally was channeling her inner Chanel in a classic form fitting little black dress and black fuck-me pumps.

At first look, as a group, we might appear superficial but, we were tight knit and took care of one another no matter what. Even through failed hook-ups with one another at various times we managed to keep it all out in the open and without drama.    

The film premiere was a few hours away and we needed to meet up with my family for dinner and get to the theatre. We made our way through the hotel lobby and outside into the walkway leading to the downtown plaza. Connor took Tally’s arm. Travis and Cary walked close together checking out all the hot man candy wandering downtown. Will grabbed my hand and pulled me along.


And there you have a small bit of the 18,000 words that have come out of my head in the last two weeks.