Looking For My Free Read?

Today is the official launch of Free Read Wednesday. I've been preparing for this day for a few weeks now. After a lot of consideration, I decided not to post the chapters here in the main blog. Instead I will put a teaser in the main part of the blog with a link to the full chapter.

There is a method to my madness. So, here is how it will all work:

  • Free Reads will have their own page.
  • Chapters will be posted chronologically.
  • I will post a new chapter every Wednesday for five weeks.
  • The sixth week the entire book will be available for download.
  • The entire book will be free for a limited time.

 Enjoy and share:

Scholars Rock ~ Chapter 1

I didn’t want or need a haircut. I certainly didn’t want anyone touching me. The thought of what happens at the slightest brush of skin on skin contact can cause me so much anxiety I get sick to my stomach. I backed into the shadow of the alcove, leaned against the wall, and held my stomach. I was sweating, even though it was a chilly fall night. Hidden from view, I surveyed the barbershop across the street. Everything looked normal, at least for the people inside, barbers tending customers. Nothing unusual, just people getting haircuts.