Cute Cable Guy and The End of an Era

A great deal of brainstorming occured today. I put aside writing on the WIP to work through some ideas on No Regrets. The brainstorming extended out to Scholar's Rock and the WIP that inspired Scholar's Rock. While working on the storyboard wall I finally had my new internet installed. I am really happy that I've switched internet providers. Our previous internet had wonky issues that drove me crazy. No more wonky issues and faster internet = happy Andi!

Along with speedy internet I also got to enjoy the man candy cable guy. Seriously, he was a cutie with tatttoed sleeves on each arm, low slung jeans, tight t-shirt-- yep, like he walked right out of one of my stories. So, cute cable guy is in my office running the cable across the wall, over the doorway.. and I am standing at my storyboard scribbling away with a sharpie. He's on the floor tapping away, securing the cable to the wall so I don't trip over it, and I am happily writing on my wall (which is also covered in inspiration pics of my men). He looks up and asks "What's that?"

I explain what all that is. And he smiles, moves closer, and says, "You should put a cable guy in that story."

I tap on the wall with my pen and contemplate. Cute cable guy finishes what he needs to do. He returns with paperwork for me to sign and looks at the wall again. "Really you should put a cable guy in that story." he says again.

Oh yes, cable cutie, you are getting a story. *LOL*


On another personal note, tonight is the premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. I know, I know everyone is sick of hearing about it. But, for me and my kids this has been a part of our lives for a long time. My oldest daughter is the same age as the characters, she literally grew up with them. We read these books as a family. We've gone to every midnight movie, every midnight book sale, we've dressed in character, we've laughed, we've cried. My oldest daughter has told me "my childhood is ending tonight." We've been counting down the days until this night arrived. I can hardly believe it's here, it's tonight. She has broken down in tears more times in the last few days than I've ever seen before. And I've broken down in tears watching her.

It's a strange and wonderful thing to be part of a collective group around the world who have been so affected by this series of books. It really is the end of an era for me and my three kids. We bonded over the books as we traveled around the country following a horrible divorce and losing everything tangible we had. We created memories to overcome loss. I cherish the memories of one summer when we all decided to listen to the audio books, even though we had read them all. We laid around the living room floor, all four us together listening with rapt attention.

We've known for a while how everything ends. I am prepared with a box of tissues to take to the theatre. I will cry for those beloved characters, but most of all I will cry for my beautiful baby girl who is now an adult, in college, who learned to love reading because someone sparked her imagination.

"Mischief Managed!"