End of the Week Wrap Up

This week just blew by. And most of it was taken up with the business of writing instead of writing itself. So, while I am still in business mode there are a few things to share. I mentioned earlier in the week that Dear Author interviewed Maya Banks about her success in publishing as a traditionally published author and as a self publisher. In contrast, Ellery Adams Bares All, shows another side of publishing from a mid-list author.

Over at Storm Moon Press, S.L. Armstrong blogs about The Do's and Don'ts of Contracts.

And for those of you who are not aware there is a great resource at Preditors & Editors. You can look up potential publishers. I've been using their site for a while, especially when I am looking at submissions for publishers I am unfamiliar with. I also ask my network of author friends for suggestions about who would be most receptive to my work. Again, I can't stress enough that you must do the research. Be sure who you are sending your hard work to, that they are reputable, and that they are the right market for your genre.

So, for those of you with a sense of humor there was a great post at Writer Beware Blogs! about scams and vanity publishers.

Now, for something completely different. I really wish I could've attended Outfest this year. As much as I love my life as a full time writer I do miss film festivals. So, I leave you with news and trailer for a movie I'd really like to see eCupid.