More Math, Royalties, and a Writing High

I am on a writing high right now. Which may or may not be the best time to blog. Today was productive 3799k words. I am taking a little break to share news.

Thankfully someone who is much more capable at math than I am has done some math for us all. So, play connect the dots with me. At Dear Author, Jane blogged Monday Midday Links. From there I followed her link to Kelly McClymer's blog. Kelly McClymer's very mathmatical husband did some math on publishing royalites.

Are you still playing along?

Well, many many weeks ago I entered a contest. I wish I was telling you that I won. No, I didn't win. The contest is still on-going. In my email notification I received news about Graph Expo being the new home for an e-publishing conference. And yep, it's the conference I am hoping to win registration to. So, Modo is hosting an e-Publishing Conference in September.

All of my pennies are being saved at this point for GayRomLit in October. Unless I win my way to one of these other conferences. And believe me I am more than thrilled to be attending GayRomLit. It's going to be all sorts of shenanigan making.

Thanks for playing connect the dots. Now, I need to get back to Scholar's Rock.