Danger! Woes of Shady Publishing

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

This is a cautionary tale.

Over at Writer Beware™Blogs! Victoria Strauss shares the sad story of a publisher doing wrong and the co-authors who were taken. Rhonda Frost shares what she can of their publishing nightmare at Red Room. This is a horrible situation and I can not imagine what these women have been going through while they deal with this situation, which is now being litigated.

 After reading Our Publishing Nightmare I wanted to point out that I have an issue with #9 on Ms. Frost's list of red flags. She says:

9) Don't offer advance. We learned through our attempt to sign up with the Authors Guild that any reputable publisher will offer an advance of some type to Authors. We also learned that our Publisher wasn't recognized by the Authors Guild. They declined our membership based upon the fact that we weren't represented by a recognized Publisher.

Not all reputable publisher's offer advances. Many small publishers who are extremely reputable cannot afford to offer advances, instead they offer a better royalty rate than large publishers.

Overall, it's important information to read and remember. It's difficult when you are new to publishing to understand all the legalese. Do your research. Ask friends, family, other authors, heck get a lawyer if you can afford one. It's hard to be objective when someone is offering to publish your book.

With that said, I advocate small publishers or self-publishing. As I've beaten this to death I will do it again. Authors are going to find themselves increasingly in the position of self-marketing whether with a big publisher or not. New authors are not going to have the red carpet rolled out for them, and honest to Betsy I have no idea why this myth continues to be perpetuated. It's mind-boggling.

**okay off the soap box and on to other items of interest...

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Yep, kids that means Chapter 2 of Scholar's Rock will be here for your reading pleasure.

Today I spent time learning new things about publishing.

I need to take a moment and thank some folks:

  • to Amanda Young who let me pick her brain for two hours. I got off the phone with five pages of notes! 
  • to Jordan Castillo Price who continues to amaze me with her kindness and time to encourage me. Also, check out Packing Heat, JCP's podcast that is chock full of useful erotica writing tips. 
  • to Cherie Noel for telling me I rock and her constant enthusiasm! And congrats Cherie on the new book!
  • to West Thornhill and Kortny Alexander for on going support/cheerleading/etc!
  • to Amanda Corlies for just being there for me whenever and wherever. 
  • to my three kids who keep making me coffee and are growing up to be amazing adults.

And that's a wrap.