My Writer's Group=Priceless

I belong to the most fantastic writers group. I sent the completed short story out to them at 4 o'clock in the morning and I woke up today to an email box full of comments. Everyone loves the story! Yay! And the advice I have received from these writers is invaluable. I seriously can't thank them enough!

So, I suggest you go check them all out:

Cherie Noel

Amanda Corlies

Kortny Alexander

Amanda Young

West Thornhill

Today I managed another 2583 words on a new short story. I've tucked it away for now. Not sure what AI am going to do with it. The WIP is dying for some attention. So, tomorrow I will spend some time on the storyboard and outline. Read over the 50k words I have thus far and see where my head is at.

Then I will take a day off and enjoy girlling and swimming on July 4th. Unless, it rains. Which it has been doing alot of here in Virginia. It's been an odd summer weather-wise.

On Tuesday I will edit the short story and pass it around one more time. Barring any other major edits it should be off to the publisher later in the week.