Reverse Prejudice, Non Labels, and Lots of Gay Men

Yesterday I allowed myself a television marathon of epic proportions. Because I am a complete geekess I cross referenced all of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then I went on a mad overdose of all three. Seriously, I was completely at the mercy of my netflix, my awesomely huge HD television, my handy episode list, and a pen. Oh and a box of tissues. I cannot get through Rose and the Doctor without tissues. And who can get through Jack and Ianto without tissues? Not me.

So, today it was back to work. My blog roll had over 90 posts to comb through, my email was overflowing, all the groups I belong to had gone on with life as usual. And I had to play catch up. So, after separating the wheat from the chaff I wasn't left with much news for today.

Don't worry. I've got entertainment. Yep, in the form of a conversation and the gay men in my life. Some of which don't even know they are in my life. This stemmed from an odd epiphany I had with Amanda Corlies tonight at a local bookstore where I was browsing OUT magazine.

Me: I don't know what I think about him. (pointing to man in OUT magazine) He's not gay but, advocates for gay rights. I know his story is tragic, but why all this emphasis on gay rights?

Amanda: (laughing at me)

Me: I suppose I should be more tolerant of straight people.

Amanda: (really laughing at me now)

Me: I must have some weird reverse prejudices.

Okay, so I am not against straight people who advocate for gay rights. I would be an idiot if I was. I am all for everyone advocating equality issues. It was just such a strange moment for me when I wondered what tips the scales for straight people? What experiences they have that bring them to the equality table? An LGBTQ family member or friend? Whatever the reason I am glad they are out there making noise.

And why did I have this odd reaction?

This all leads up to something. First, because you are wondering-- yes, I really am a girl and no, I don't have a label for myself. Second, no I am not straight. Third, I have an out child. Equality issues are daily fare at Chez Andi.

I love gay men. I write about gay men, I read about gay men, I talk to gay men, I have gay men friends, and so on. I thought I would share with you some of the men in my life who I follow online (I'll do it alphabetically):

It's late and the caffeine has worn off. I had a thread of a thought and it escapes me now. Check out some of the websites above. You won't be disappointed.