Beginnings, Endings, Writing

If your day was anything like mine you knew someone in NY who got married. It was wonderful day for I don't know how many NY LGBTQ couples! Hoorah! What a great beginning for the day.


Today also happened to be the last day of SDCC (Comic Con). I've wanted  to attend since forever. My son and I have really wanted to attend the last few years. It's amazing how this Con has become the place to be seen now. And so much goodness to see. Some of the most exciting news for me personally was Joss Whedon talking about writing an openly gay character. So, Joss get it off the back burner and turn it up!

I spent the better part of my day writing. I managed another 5978k and I am getting ready to go back to wrap up another chapter of Scholar's Rock after I finish this blog post. Yay! And there is a secret project connected to Scholar's Rock going on behind the scenes. I'll let you all know as soon as I can what it is.

So, between marriages, Comic Con, writing, and dancing around my office; I also discovered I dropped another dress size. You'd think sitting on my ass most of the day would prohibit this kind of thing. But, I just keep so busy clickity clacking I don't think about anything else. And breaks in between writing involve me running around doing household stuff or dancing. I think this also says a lot about how happy I am doing what I am doing.

Because damnit I am happy! When the words are flowing-- well, it's just grand.

And to top it all off, True Blood. I'll keep zipped on that since those out west haven't seen it yet. But, lots of ooohs and aaaahhs and hell yeses going on tonight.