Luck and Hard Work and Editing

I few quick words about last night's blog post. I mentioned yesterday that I feel lucky. And I do. But, I want to make sure that I do not discount hard work. Because writing is hard work.

I work for myself and my readers. Some of my deadlines are imposed by others, many of them are imposed upon myself. I work hard everyday. If I am not writing I am dealing with the business that promotes my writing. If I am not doing either of those things I am editing. I am a relentless editor. That said I never forgo the editing skills of others. Never. There are just too many personal quirks that a writer has to be able to see them. No matter how neurotically we read over our manuscripts.

I belong to an amazing writer's group that gives me feedback that I couldn't afford to pay for. And this is why I highly suggest that writer's join a group. With that advice I also suggest that writer's do research and find an appropriate writing group. Find others who write in your genre. If you write contemporary YA novels, don't join an adult crime fiction group.

Which leads me to finding editors. Never, ever expect an agent-- if that is where you are querying first-- to be an editor. Agents are not editors. What you send to an agent or a potential publisher should be your very best work, after editing. I cannot tell you how many times an agent or publisher has rejected an author's work because it has not been edited before submission.

Likewise, do not expect your best friend or significant other to be the right editor for you. Unless, and this is a very big unless--they also enjoy the genre you write in. I have several friends who are excellent and proficient editors but, have not one iota of interest in reading my m/m romance, contemporary, paranormal or otherwise. Why put that kind of burden on a relationship?

These friends are more than supportive of what I do. That is enough for me. I don't expect them to love my books, just me. The same as if my CPA friend asked me if I wanted to go crunch numbers with them. No, not really.

Today I am up to 3828k words and I am going back to work now. So, I am going to tuck this blog in for the night.