Are You Talking to Me?

Do you ever feel like you have too much going on and you can’t seem to process it all but, you know it is all related?

That is my today.  I don’t know if the universe is trying to tell me something or just answer one of my bigger silent questions that I put out there.  Whatever it is that is going on I am trying to put it all together in some coherent fashion in which to share it.

First, I have several stories waiting for my attention. The WIP looms largely in the background because it is so large. Not because I feel a need to get right on it. I’ve got four short stories totally unrelated to the WIP that are all clamoring for more words. And yet, another novel is nudging at me while all this is going on. Seems crazy doesn’t it?

If you are a non-writer you might be wondering how the heck someone deals with all that going on in the head. I don’t think I can sufficiently explain it other than to say, it is what it is. I know I am not alone. Most of the writers I know have several projects happening at the same time. I compare it to watching different television programs on different nights. And occasionally you hit on the day the marathon is running of your current favorite show – and you go with it.

So, what is all this self-analyzing all about? Some of it is about self-publishing and the misperceptions being flung all over the place; some of it is about submitting short stories to small press publishers; some of it is about taking a chance on serializing a novella into my blog; and most of it is about being a writer in this digital world that is growing/changing/learning itself.

I wrote about my thoughts on self-publishing last month. Here’s a link:

Last week I linked to a blog post at Joe Konrath’s site A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. All I can say is that if you are a writer and serious about publishing go read Joe. I don’t know him, I’ve never had even a smidge of internet conversation with the man but, I like what he has to say. It makes me think.  And today he talks about “The Tsunami of Crap” and I’ve said before there is a huge lack of understanding in the self-publishing world. Most of it due to growing pains and a lot of it due to fear of the unknown.

A few days ago at Writer Beware™ Blogs! they were talking about Agencies Becoming Publishers.  I very much agree with the last sentence “Agencies are going to become publishers, whether we like it or not--and a pro-active approach needs to be taken now, in order to prevent abuses down the road.” What this means to me is that writers need to stay informed and be involved in how this new publishing age shapes itself. Whether we are talking the Big Six, Legacy Publishing, small press, or independent – we need to be present active participants.

What does this hullabaloo have to do with receiving answers from the universe? Well, in a nut shell it’s about balancing my time between writing, blogging, promoting, submitting, editing, and all the other stuff that swirls around me like my kids and animals that need feeding. Not to mention squeezing in time to read for pleasure or taking days off to enjoy the odd holiday here and there.

How does one not get bogged down in shameless self-promotion? What is a good use of time on Twitter? How important is Facebook? Does every writer need to have Yahoo! Group? Is it best to blog every day, once a week, only on Tuesday’s when the moon is full and it rains ice? Egads, I don’t know!

All I know is what works for me. If I am blogging to mostly myself and pissing in the wind, so be it. I don’t think I am, am I? I am pretty sure I have a few people who are reading this even if they don’t comment. My blog stats certainly tell me I have a lot of hits. Much more than I ever expected at this point. And having one of mm romances published is only a matter of time. More than likely I’ll self-publish before any of the stuff in the pipeline comes out through a small press. Okay, definitely I will self-publish before anything comes out otherwise. It just takes publishers a while to get things out there. Thank goodness for small publishers who are trying to make the process less time consuming.

Well, I’ve rattled on enough. If you’ve read this far you deserve a treat. I’d bake you something; just to say thanks, like my famous Apple Pie-- if you lived nearby. I swear I would. Which means I probably have to bake one for Amanda.

And please if you are here and got this far, feel free to share your thoughts.