I Have a Gay Muse, He's Fantastic!

Today was a get-serious and get-r-done day. I finished all the edits on the short story. The short now stands at 11,494 words. Tomorrow I will get everything together and it will be submitted. Yay!

Somehow, between last night and right now I also began work on another story which is at 1,040 words. Along with an outline and two fairly developed characters. This new story has me really excited because it is a spin off from my second WIP.

I am going to be serializing a novella right here in the blog starting next week. More details to come. In the meantime my friend West Thornhill has begun her serialized story and you should go read it here. Be warned it is NSFW.

An author tweet friend of mine, Zach Sweets, has his Hot Summer Days story up at goodreads today. Check it out here. In fact if you want lots of yummy summer reading in the M/M romance genre then go join the M/M Romance group at Goodreads. They are posting original stories all month long written by just about everyone. And it's all free!

My muse is calling again. He really wants me to get back to the new story. Yep, my muse is male. And he's gay. I love him.